April 01, 2014

Review - Emma (DVD)

This is a marvelous production by BBC TV showing the romantic comedy by Jane Austen in 4 episodes plus some 'making of' special features. Starring Romola Garai (The Hour & Daniel Deronda) , Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock in Elementary), Sir Michael Gambon (The Singing Detective and numerous other roles) and Tamsin Grieg (Black Books & Episodes), it is a visual and musical feast and the acting is superb. Many Janeites rate Emma as her best novel but Emma is not my favourite Jane Austen and I have never really warmed to the title character. This production, however, brings us a warm, personable and endearing Emma. Jonny Lee Miller's Mr Knightley is upright, a little reserved, generous and kind and their growing attraction for each other is beautifully realized. The minor characters are superb especially Tamsin Greig as the garrulous Miss Bates. Gambon's Mr Woodhouse makes you want to clutch your shawl around you and be very careful of draughts and reckless exposure to the elements. This is a real treat. Wendy

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