April 23, 2014

Book Review - A stitch in time: Heirloom Knitting Skills by Rita Taylor

Non-Fiction reviewed by Wendy This is a very easy to read and use guide, explaining the origin of stitches and placing knitting squarely in the 21st century. Divided into Textured, Twisted, Raised, Cable and Lace Stitches and Colourwork, each section provides an exploration of the history and usage around the world. It made sense that Fair Isle and other colourwork patterns not only made use of different coloured wools that may not have been enough for a garment on their own but also provided additional warmth with the additional layers of wool carrying under the pattern. From the warmth and practicality of working jumpers, to the luxury of lightweight lace work, each section includes a comprehensive stitch listing, for example, 34 lace stitch patterns are included. Twelve complete project patterns covering each of the sections including a Fairisle sweater, a lacy shawl, a bobble hat and a cable cardigan enable you to put these heirloom skills into modern-day practice. I very much liked a baby blanket made in squares with a raised leaf pattern and a blackberry stitch border and it may have given me confidence to try a fair-isle pattern – which became popular after Edward, Prince of Wales, appeared wearing one in a magazine in the 20s!

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