April 20, 2014

Book Review - Blood & Beauty: A novel of the Borgias by Sarah Dunant

What a superb historical feast, plunging us back into Renaissance Italy with Rodrigo Borgia scheming his way into the Papacy, thus opening the door for his children, particularly Cesare and Lucrezia, to take their place on history's page. This is a cruel, beautiful, corrupt world and the Borgias were clever, violent and crafty by turns as they fought to secure their family's future. Dynastic marriages, shifting alliances and the new technology of war are all in their arsenal as the Pope strives to cement his preeminent position in Europe over a motley crew of Kings, Dukes and Princes. A very good read! I was pleased to hear Sarah on The First Tuesday Book Club late in 2013, saying she was reading Machiavelli's The Prince (allegedly based on Cesare Borgia) for research for Book 2. Wendy

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