June 30, 2010


Are you like everyone else in the library and addicted to Masterchef? Or would you like to become a "Master Chef" at home? If so the June edition of the magazine is available at Narellan Library. It contains recipes for an amazing chocolate cake, scrumptious Maggie Beer pies and delectable Donna Hay pasta - yum! This will help solve the dilemma of "what's for dinner?"
Watch out for the July edition which features Curtis Stone's banana bread, George's carrot cake and Adriano Zumbo's macaron tower.

June 17, 2010

Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl

I finally got around to reading this very popular book, and while it wasn't exactly what I expected, it was very interesting and I suggest, an important book that I'd highly recommend you read. The first part of the book is Frankl's recount of his five year imprisonment in Auschwitz and other concentration camps. In this section he not only describes what he endured, but considers how he and other prisoners survived their horrific experiences (both mentally and physically) by focusing on reasons they had to live. This leads into the second part of the book where Frankl discusses his theory of Logotherapy - basically that man's greatest need is to find meaning and purpose for his life, and through doing so he will find peace and happiness. Very interesting food for thought - without meaning in your life, what joy can you have? Frankl suggests it is up to us create our own meaning in our lives... and he aptly poses this thought: "For the world is in a bad state, but everything will become still worse unless each of us does his best". Hopefully reading this book will inspire you too to do your best.


New titles by Bestselling Authors

Here we've created a list of new titles, just released or soon-to-be-released, by our most popular bestselling authors, keep coming back because we'll post updated lists regularly:

ARCHER, Jeffrey - And thereby hangs a tale
BALDACCI, DAVID - Deliver us from evil
BRENNAN, Alison - Carnal sin (July)
BROWN, Sandra - Tough customer (Sept)
COBEN, Harlan - Play dead (July)
CABOT, Meg - Insatiable (July)
DEAVER, Jeffery - The burning wire
EVANOVICH, Janet - Sizzling 16 (Aug)
FRANZEN, Jonathan - Freedom
GERRITSEN, Tess - Ice cold (July)
GRISHAM, John - Theodore Boone
HARRIS, Charlaine - Dead in the family
KAVA, Alex - Damaged (Aug)
KELLERMAN, Faye - Hangman (Aug)
KELLY, Cathy - Homecoming (Sept)
LA PLANTE, Linda - Blind fury
LUDLUM, Robert - The Bourne objective
McBRIDE, Stuart - Dark Blood
MCCARTHY, Cormac - Sunset Unlimited (July)
MCDERMID, Val - Trick of the dark (Sept)
PARK, Tony - The Delta (July)
PATTERSON, James - Private
PATTERSON, Richard North - In the name of honour
PICOULT, Jodi - House rules
SLAUGHTER, Karin - Broken (July)
STEEL, Danielle - Family ties (July)
TUROW, Scott - Innocent

Keep an eye out for them at the library or reserve yourself a copy today!