April 22, 2014

Book Review - 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress by Kevin Cotter

This book had its origin in a blog started by the author after his divorce. His ex-wife left her wedding dress with him and told him he could do what he wanted with it. Kevin had come from a Catholic family where marriages lasted and he was deeply affected by his break-up. He also had time to reflect on how much weddings and dresses cost and why shouldn't they be put to good and further use? Thus he releases his angst by using the dress as a rag, a floor mat, a tow-rope, a turban, a dog toy etc etc., as can be seen in the many photos. On the surface, this is a rather silly book, but Kevin turns out to be more than a man playing dress-ups. He pays tribute to the many family members and friends who helped him through; talks a little of the impact of becoming well-known through his online activity and media interest; and offers up some useful hints to others. Oh, and he does find love a second time around… here's hoping that goes well! Wendy

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