April 19, 2014

Book Review - Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvan

Grace never wanted children as she had spent a lot of her youth caring for her siblings but she has fallen in love with Victor who has two children, Ava and Max. They live with their mother, Kelli, who has serious health problems so that the eldest, daughter Ava, is also cast in the role of carer. Grace and Victor plan to marry but then Kelli dies suddenly and they must all try to get along together. Kelli didn't want Victor to remarry, Grace didn't want full time children and Ava just wants her mother and father back together. None of them will get what they want. This is a sensitive exploration of a blended family coming to terms with who they are and how their future will unfold. No-one is bad or good but they do have different expectations and experiences and some of that gels and some doesn't. Eventually they find some peace together in this hopeful and heartwarming story. Wendy

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