December 02, 2014

Book - Review - 100 Ways to Happy Children: A guide for busy parents by Timothy J. Sharp

Dr Tim Sharp is a world renowned clinical psychologist and father of two at the forefront of positive psychology. In 100 small and entertaining chapters such as foster a love of learning to building resilience, he poses his positive techniques for raising happy children.100 Ways to Happy Children: a guide for busy parents is filled with funny stories, it is a great guide for raising children. It can be read from front to back or you can randomly choose a chapter for a new insight.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I did both, I read it from cover to cover and dipped into it for a few quick insights each day. There is a lot of great advice to absorb and apply. One or two changes a week is a great way to start. I especially enjoyed section 5-20 ways to ensure wellbeing. Anne