February 25, 2015

Film Review - Godzilla by Gareth Edwards

Let them fight!

The second Western attempt at a Godzilla movie, and certainly the best, although after the 1999 debacle that isn’t saying much. With the discovery of pupas that breed two radiation-feeding creatures, dubbed MUTOs, the human population faces being wiped off the planet. But with the rise of another creature, Godzilla, the balance is set to be restored. Let them fight!

Arguably there is not enough Godzilla in the movie, teasing around battle scenes, with the full reveal only in the final scenes.  But the glimpses are special-effects gold, and the technique, akin to traditional monster movies, builds the anticipation of the final full reveal. The cast, with the exception of Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe (who lends the film a strong link with the original franchise), leave something to be desired. Additionally, the pacing is a little off, but Godzilla is entertaining, and the final blow between Godzilla and the MUTOs will leave many a fan boy satisfied.

Let them fight!


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