February 15, 2015

Book Review - The Outback Heart by Fiona Palmer

On a completely lighter vein, Fiona Palmer is one of the current crop of popular rural Australian romance writers and she writes a good romantic story. Indi, who gave up her studies to nurse her mother through cancer, is now two years after her death trying to do all her mother did to hold her town and her family together . 

People she'd known her whole life were up and moving to the city, and it saddened her to watch the place shrink and struggle. The decline of the footy club hurt the most. The tourism was great but tourists didn't make a close-knit community. They couldn't bring back the social aspect that the town was once known for – but Indi could. She had grand plans to restore the social events and the fundraisers, to revive a time when the whole town turned out for game day and stayed until late, when young and old shared stories. The world was obsessed with social networking, but it was of the wrong kind. You can't connect with people over electrical devices – working side-by-side and building up a real relationship, a real friendship, that's how it was done.

Her solution is to draft in a new coach to get the footy team firing again, but she doesn't count on losing her heart to the new coach, a handsome hunk with an outsize pile of baggage making him wary of commitment.

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