February 13, 2015

Film Review – Edge of Tomorrow by Doug Liman

Also known as Live. Die. Repeat. and dubbed by many critics as Groundhog Day mixed with Independence Day. This action flick sees the earth being invaded by Mimics, part organic, part mechanical tentacled aliens with the ability to manipulate time. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), a US Army PR man, is unwillingly signed up for front line battle and killed. But instead of dying Cage finds himself reliving the day's events on loop, soon discovering that this ability can lead to the downfall of the Mimics.

It is a Tom Cruise action flick, so you can expect fast talking, loud breathing, grinning laughter, and heavy handed romance. The most immediate comparison is Oblivion, another Cruise Sci-Fi venture, which, although enjoyable, was more Sci-fi pastiche than innovative action. But Edge of Tomorrow, with its well-paced plot, perfectly timed humour, and great balance between action and story, is worth viewing again, and again, and again... 

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