May 09, 2014

Book Review - Waiting for Wednesday by Nicci French

This series just gets better and better although you can start with this story, as the back story is sufficiently explained, it is helpful to have experienced the layers of the developing relationships. Frieda Klein, a psychotherapist, must be one of the most melancholy of crime heroines and her habit of taking long walks and her introspectivity frequently infuriate her friends and colleagues. Here is a marvelously twisty tale about a woman who is inexplicably killed in her front room. She is a nondescript wife and mother. She is a nice person. She apparently has no secrets. She is universally loved and admired. So why was she killed? The answers will rip this loving family and other people in their orbit to shattered pieces until even case hardened police are sickened by what they uncover. A parallel investigation by an ageing journalist combines to a shocking climax. Engrossing! Wendy

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