May 08, 2014

Book Review - Stranded by Alex Kava

This might have over 300 pages but the type is large and the story not terribly complicated. It is however, a competent outing for FBI agent Maggie O'Dell and her partner Tully as they track down a serial killer who is targeting people who stop at highway rest areas. The inclusion of handsome Ryder Creed, a cadaver dog handler, and a couple of his gorgeous dogs adds interest, colour and movement. 'He was tall, broad –shouldered, and wore a white t-shirt that stretched over a lean and muscular torso with arms to match. His Levis telegraphed more of the same..[Grace, the Jack Russell terrier, also wasn't what Maggie was expecting]… She seemed so spirited, so playful, so ordinary. …it was hard to imagine this energetic dog spent a good deal of her time looking for dead people.' Creed, Grace, Maggie and Tully all face danger in tracking down and capturing the killer. Wendy

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