May 15, 2014

Book Review - Joyland by Stephen King

Devin Jones spent a summer at working at Joyland, earning money for college and growing up. 'This is a badly broken world, full of wars and cruelty and senseless tragedy….you have been given a priceless gift this summer, you are here to sell fun. In exchange for the hard-earned dollars of the customers, you will parcel out happiness. Children will go home and dream of what they saw here and what they did here. I hope you will remember that when the work is hard… or when the people are rude, as they often will be.' His reminiscence is bitter sweet as he recalls a colourful cast of characters of all ages and conditions, where friendship, loss and love are all part of the ride. Some people lasted his lifetime, some were just for the summer, but what he learnt over the summer, stayed with him forever. Charming. Wendy

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