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March 18, 2015

Film Review—The Rover by David Michôd

After a severe economic collapse, a lone man, Eric (Guy Pearce), hunts endlessly for his car that was stolen by robbers on the run from their latest heist. During his search Eric comes across Rey (Robert Pattinson), the brother of one of the thieves, and coerces him to help in his hunt.

Australia is a great setting for dystopia films, especially when they involve the road. The landscape is menacing, and the road, with its promise of progress, exposes both squandered possibility as well as inescapability. The combination of these images has been used most notably in the Mad Max films, but it has a long tradition in Australian literature and film. The Rover, drawing heavily on this tradition, makes a solid contribution to the genre, echoing Eric’s obsessive search with the unending road and proving him to be just as lethal.
It may not be the most original film, but The Rover brings many unique turns to a familiar cinematic road.  


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