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March 09, 2015

Book Review - Real money advice for families by Analaura & Wilson Luna

Analaura and Wilson Luna have over 20yrs combined experience in the financial sector. The real money advice book for families is based around the family survival plan to create financial independence. It is comprised of 4 stages which represent the key foundations that families need to have to build a robust money management system.

Stage 1-Manage your debt

Stage 2-Protect your wealth

Stage 3-Take financial control

Stage 4-Build your wealth

Real money advice for families is filled with simple yet effective advice giving families the chance to take control of their finances. There is an action station summary at the end of each chapter which is helpful. I also found the three bucket saving concept interesting as well as advice on building an emergency fund in chapter 7. A great read filled with no nonsense advice.


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