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January 20, 2014

Book Review - The Girl in the Hard Hat by Loretta Hill

The author has worked on outback engineering projects and has used that experience to set her story in a coal loading wharf in the remote Western Australian coast. Having found out she was not the child of her father, Wendy is on a mission to find out who her father really is, and she is in no mood for romance. She meets Gavin, a supervisor at the wharf, who has his own issues with commitment as he is trying to avoid his past catching up with him. Sparks fly and the two try to ignore their growing attraction. The story is well structured and the supporting cast well drawn. Gavin and Wendy have to overcome a cyclone before they sort out how to be together. It was good learn a little more about Australia, in an area where very few get to live and work. Wendy


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