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January 04, 2014

Book Review - Delicacy by David Foenkinos

This is a beautiful and delightful book. Strange things are written but when you read them they have the refreshing clarity of a mountain stream and they are so ineffably right that you couldn't imagine how the author could have said them any other way. Natalie is happily married to Francoise but he dies in an accident and she must go on. She must decide what to do with the book where the bookmark delineates when her husband died. Can you just go on reading a book that is separated into the part you read before your beloved husband died and the part that comes after? She survives in a numb state but gradually goes back to work and comes back to life, where there are two very different men, Charles and Markus. This is her story but also their story and it is charming and true. I loved it. Wendy


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