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January 14, 2014

Book Review - Crowner's Crusade by Bernard Knight

This is a 'prequel' to a series I haven't read, of mysteries set in the time of Richard I of England. Sir John de Wolfe and his faithful sidekick, solve mysteries whilst upholding the King and thwarting the wily Prince John. This book can't quite decide what it wants to be and appears to be aimed at existing fans but there is much to like. The first part is all action travelogue, as Sir John and assorted companions accompany the Lionheart back from the Holy Land until he is captured. The second part sees him at home and starting on his career as the King's Crowner or Coroner solving murders and other mysteries. Packed full of authentic details about travel and living arrangements in the period, it is an interesting read for the social history alone. Wendy


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