March 19, 2013

Book Review - Tuesday's Gone by Nicci French

Nicci French is a pseudonym for a successful writing partnership of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French and they deliver a taut, psychological drama in the next installment in pyschotherapist's Frieda Klein's forays into assisting the police solve murders. The story features a mystery man found dead and being cared for by a mentally ill woman. Frieda must interpret her utterances to gain insight into the man's life and work out if he is victim or perpetrator. A dark shadow from the past hangs over her as the players are revealed. Frieda must come to terms with just why she does what she does and how to heal her fractured family. If a con man was to identify your weakness and prey on you…. What would it be? Reading the first book in the series Blue Monday, is not necessary but would add depth to the storylines. Nicci French does it again with an engrossing puzzle.


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