January 07, 2013

Discovering Chicklit!!

What I did on my holidays by Chrissie Manby

Narellan Chicklit F MAN


Although I have always loved great fiction, I had never been really sure what 'Chicklit' actually referred to.  Way back when Narellan Fiction was organised via genre, I decided that reading a title from this section needed to be on my 'to do' list.

Needless to say, years have gone by, but now I'd like to share one of my recent finds.

I had the rare occasion of a weekend away while the juniors of my family attended a triathlon and I took along a good read for the Saturday night.

The cover page of this title called to me from the display shelves - yes I did judge this book by its cover and the thought of a casual stroll along the shore, thongs in hand really appealed.

In Manby's title, a great holiday, planned for months, was on the agenda for Sophie and partner, Callum, who also happens to be her work colleague. Imagine the despair when Sophie finds out, the night before the trip to the airport, that Callum is actually not that into her and will not be going on the trip!!! What unfolds includes many hilarious moments as Sophie attempts to hide in her bedroom for the duration of the trip - the embarrassment of being left to go alone on the trip was just too much.

What I discovered is that chicklit is literature written mainly by women for women. Many titles include storylines based on work, children, motherhood, friendship, dating, dieting and all sorts of life challenges. The role of humour in chicklit was evident in "What I did on my holidays". Many titles are written from a first person viewpoint, making them very realistic. Although a fun read, Manby's title touched on thought provoking, emotional issues making it a fun but also touching read.

Recommended for a quiet moment when you just want to relax and enjoy a light read.


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