January 29, 2013

Assassin by Tara Moss

Some time ago I took one of the early books in this series home on CD read by  the authorTara Moss.  I am not sure whether it was the authors intriguing accent or her absolute ownerships of the words she was speaking but I was hooked and then read each of the books in the series ( starngely hearing the author's voice  in my head as I read them).

Yes I think I might be a little in love with Mak Vanderwall but I think more than that, Mak is who I would really like to be.  Mak is the female equivalent of Jack Reacher - she is tough, intelligent and driven.  I was luckey enough to hear author Lee Child speak about his Jack Reacher books and he agreed with the idea put to him that all men want to be Jack Reacher and all women want to love him, and Mak certainly is the female equivalent.

Assassin is the final book in the series and Moss has taken the opportunity to go into a darker space.  Former model turned forensic psychologist and PI Mak Vanderwall is missing, presumed dead in Paris. By hiring a hit man to kill her, the powerful and corrupt Cavanagh family aimed to silence her for good. But after narrowly escaping death, Mak has taken over her would-be killer′s world.

She is very much alive.
And transformed .

If you are new to  the series and Mak's world try to read the other titles in the series first- each of them is complete and can stand alone but it is great to go on the journey with the characters.  This series has been a real find.



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