January 07, 2013

Cold Days coming to the library soon

Cold Days by Jim Butcher

The fans of Jim Butcher's, New York Times bestselling series "The Dresden Files" have waited a long time for the latest instalment.  Butcher has made excellent use of the time and "Cold Days" is well worth the wait.  It is a cracking 515 page adventure that never falters, and you are left wishing the story would never end.  That sense of longing that you feel at the end of a great read grabs you by the throat on the final page.  We can only hope that Butcher magically brings forth the next instalment in less time.

In this urban fantasy, Chicago's only professional wizard, harry Dresden as risen from the dead.  Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness is instrumental in Harry's escape from death.  There is however a price to be paid and Harry finds himself the latest Winter Knight.  Mab wants Harry to assassinate an immortal and all this has to be done at the same time as preventing the mystical forces from bringing about total world annihilation.

Harry must explain his resurrection and his absence of many months before he can gain the invaluable help of his friends.  All of our favourites such as Butters, Karrin and Molly return to again attempt to save the world.  A particularly memorable scene sees Harry on the back of Karrin's Harley Davidson as he wrests control of the hunt from the Erlking.  To see if Harry and his friends successfully save the world borrow "Cold Days" which is coming very soon to the library.  If you haven't read the other 14 books in this series I would highly recommend starting with the first book of the series, "Storm Front".


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