June 17, 2010

New titles by Bestselling Authors

Here we've created a list of new titles, just released or soon-to-be-released, by our most popular bestselling authors, keep coming back because we'll post updated lists regularly:

ARCHER, Jeffrey - And thereby hangs a tale
BALDACCI, DAVID - Deliver us from evil
BRENNAN, Alison - Carnal sin (July)
BROWN, Sandra - Tough customer (Sept)
COBEN, Harlan - Play dead (July)
CABOT, Meg - Insatiable (July)
DEAVER, Jeffery - The burning wire
EVANOVICH, Janet - Sizzling 16 (Aug)
FRANZEN, Jonathan - Freedom
GERRITSEN, Tess - Ice cold (July)
GRISHAM, John - Theodore Boone
HARRIS, Charlaine - Dead in the family
KAVA, Alex - Damaged (Aug)
KELLERMAN, Faye - Hangman (Aug)
KELLY, Cathy - Homecoming (Sept)
LA PLANTE, Linda - Blind fury
LUDLUM, Robert - The Bourne objective
McBRIDE, Stuart - Dark Blood
MCCARTHY, Cormac - Sunset Unlimited (July)
MCDERMID, Val - Trick of the dark (Sept)
PARK, Tony - The Delta (July)
PATTERSON, James - Private
PATTERSON, Richard North - In the name of honour
PICOULT, Jodi - House rules
SLAUGHTER, Karin - Broken (July)
STEEL, Danielle - Family ties (July)
TUROW, Scott - Innocent

Keep an eye out for them at the library or reserve yourself a copy today!

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