May 31, 2010

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

A quaint, wonderful tale about a boy born mute who communicates in his own sign language, and helps his parents raise dogs on their farm in Wisconsin. The Sawtelle's have bred and trained a very special breed of dog for generations and appear to have an idyllic farm life. Edgar, unable to communicate like other children, has a special bond with his dog, Almondine, who was the first to discover his disability and alert his parents to the boy's silent cries on his first night home. Then sadness strikes when Edgar's father dies suddenly and all that once seemed certain is turned upside down as Edgar and his mother struggle to keep the farm going without him, and Edgar's father's brother Claude moves in, upsetting the family balance and causing Edgar to question Claude's motives, and the circumstances surrounding his father's death.

Part mystery, part family saga... I loved the journey of this story. The life, the setting, the wonderful descriptions of the farm, the dogs and Edgar's special connection with them. I really enjoyed reading this book. A beautifully written story that will draw you in to a place you'll want to stay...


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