December 07, 2016

Book Review - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy : Your route out of pertectionism, self sabotage and other everyday habits with CBT By Avy Joseph

CBT is recognised as one of the most leading, evidence-based talking therapies. It places alot of emphasis on currently held beliefs, painful emotions and problematic behaviours that can effect us getting a fuller experience of life. In this book you will be shown how to use CBT to set yourself up for success and overcome those beliefs and habits that sabotage your life.

'People are not disturbed by events but by the view they hold about them' Epictetus, Stoic philosopher AD 75.
Containing exercises, examples and tips throughout, you will be confident to practise CBT techniques in a number of different situations.
This updated second addition is written by professional CBT practitioner Avy Joseph, the book is aimed to help you reach your goals and maintain a positive outlook no matter what life throws at you. The book is well set out and easy to read, I really enjoyed chapter 3-Setting your goals. Anne

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