May 09, 2016

Book Review - Home for Dinner -Mixing food, fun and conversation for a happier family and healthier kids - By Anne K. Fishel, PHD, forward by Michael Thompson

Anne Fishel encourages all families to prioritise their mealtime. Besides enjoying a good meal it's also a great opportunity for family bonding and is a time to all sit down together and share stories about each other's day. She provides strategies for this ritual such as-

  • meal ideas
  • getting everyone to help
  • creating gratitude
  • communicating with ease

This ritual shows a number of psychological benefits such as increased resilience, increased self-esteem, forming a healthy relationship with food and better family relationships.
Home for Dinner was an enjoyable read and helps you to realise that a few small changes at meal times can have a huge positive impact on your family. Anne

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