June 10, 2015

Film Review—Evil Dead 2

Sam Raimi’s second horror classic. Ash and Linda go for a romantic vacation to a secluded cabin. There they discover a book bound in human skin and find the recorded notes of the archaeologist who discovered the terrifying tome known as the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. The recording recites incantations that release evil spirits that possess both the living and recently deceased. Linda falls prey to these spirits, and Ash is left to try and vanquish the evil.

It may sound like a tasteless cliché, and worse, the sequel of a tasteless cliché. But it was with the first Evil Dead that the “cabin in the woods” horror film had its genesis, and the true genius of Evil Dead 2 is that it is not a simple continuation of events of the previous film. It is an extension of the first film while at the same time being a parody of it and other horror films. It teeters the fine line between horror and comedy, scaring you immediately after you finished a hysterical cackle.

Few films can boast the distinction of being both a masterpiece of the genre and at the same time a loving satire of it, but Evil Dead 2 can proudly hold its severed head high in that camp.

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