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November 02, 2014

Book Review - Everything to Live for: The Inspirational Story of Turia Pitt by Turia Pitt with Libby Harkness

This is a story of extraordinary young women with a lot to live for. Turia Pitt, a 25yr old mining engineer working in far north Western Australia. She took part in an ultra marathon race where she got caught in a horrific grass fire and was left with burns to over half of her body. Through a long and harrowing rehabilitation, with the support of many people and her strong will and determination to live she has triumphed. She has made it one of her missions to encourage skin to be a more prominent organ for people to donate.
Everything to live for is a story of determination and resilience of the human spirit. I really enjoyed this story of resilience and strength, Turia is truly beautiful. The book inspired me with my own struggles, an example when you see how well Turia preserved with her physiotherapy to be extremely fit again. Anne.


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