July 19, 2014

Book Review - A Darkness Descending by Christobal Kent

Sandro Cellini and his wife Luisa are wise and kind people. Sandro is a private investigator and is caught up in the mysterious collapse of a left wing politician and the disappearance of the politician's defacto wife. At the same time, Chiara, the daughter of their friends, moves out with a mystery boyfriend. Sandro and Luisa each try to help their friends and clients but in the end, people will do what they do for both simple and complex reasons. Death comes. "Some people were able to sidestep a death as if with a practiced movement – nothing to do with them, they were alive. But for most it stood in their path a long time, like a beggar with his hand out. And when they managed to edge past death, even if they never turned around, they knew it would still be there, watching." Christobal Kent in fine from with this latest outing for Sandro et al. Wendy

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