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August 07, 2012

Howdy Partner- A Westerns Booklist

Westerns remain a seriously popular genre of books in our library. People come up to the desk with six or seven westerns at a time and return them the next week- and do it all over again! We never seem to have enough to satisfy the westerner's taste. And it's no surprise- Westerns are a great mix of action and adventure, old hollywood style, fantastic energised landscapes and characters that mix both the outlandish and the familiar. Maybe these guys are onto something then- and so here's a list of new westerns available in our library.

The Sister's Brothers by Paul DeWitt
Dynamite Daze by Ethan Flagg
Long Ride to Yuma by Will Keen

Sharpshooter McClure by I.J. Parnham
Take Me to Texas by Ryan Bodie
The Branded Man by J. D. Ryder
To Die This Day by Clint Ryker
Rustler's Range by Billy Hall
Kansas Fast Gun by Arthur Kent
Border Fury by Corba Sunman


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