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May 29, 2012

Travel Booklist: The Beach

Our final trip on the travelbooklist is not to a particular continent, but to an Australian favourite: the beach. Whether its the pure white of the Whitsundays or the earthy, shell-laden shored of Vincentia, beaches are at the heart and soul of the Australian identity. Why not escape to one of these glorious hideaways through these great book recommendations below?

The Beach by Alex Garland
Birds of Paradise by Diana Abu-Jaber
The Festival by the Sea by June Loves

South of Broad by Pat Conroy
Stolen by Lesley Pearse
That Summer in Ischia by Penny Feeny
The Shelly Beach Writers Group by June Love
A Gift for my Sister by Ann Pearlman
The Beach hut by Veronica Henry
The Beach house by Jane Green


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