March 01, 2012

The Australian Story: Good reads about real happenings

Australia has a fascinating and rich history, filled with drama, intrigue, hopes and dreams. Check out these great reads about the our nation.

The Big History Question: Snapshots of Australian History
Australian Tragic
Botany Bay: The Real Story
Black Kettle and the Full Moon: Daily Life in Vanished Australia
Colonial Ambition: Foundations of Australian Democracy

Gallipoli to Petrov: Arguing with Australian History
The Hidden History of Australia
The Original Australians: The Story of the Aboriginal People
Sense and Nonsense in Australian History
Telling the truth about Aboriginal History

Got any great reads to recommend? Post them in the comment box below!


  1. I would love to recommend my brand new picture book for children - Australian Story: an illustrated timeline, published by the National Library of Australia. I think it rewrites the way kids can appreciate our nation's phenomenal history.

  2. Anonymous1/3/12 13:06

    The Night We Made the Flag (A Eureka Story) by Carole Wilkinson,This is a great read for primary students who are studying GOLD and EUREKA. Although there are no actual records of who sewed the Eureka flag, it is commonly thought that 3 women made it one night. This book gives students a more clearer insight into what happened at Eureka.