November 24, 2010

A Big Little Life - by Dean Koontz

I knew I needed to read this biography when I read a review of it in a magazine. The book, which focuses on Author Dean Koontz's life after he adopts a former assistance dog called Trixie, was described as an uplifting book and very different to Koontz's fictional works. I haven't read many of his novels, but I always find it interesting when an artist of any kind produces multiple works of different tones. For the most part, I wasn't disappointed. A Big Little Life takes you through Trixie's life and the effect she has on the Koontz household, with particular emphasis on the inspiration she becomes for Dean's writing. Infact, the book probably tells us as much about Dean Koontz as it does about Trixie. Partly humorous, partly serious, and very philosophical about dogs and life in general, the only flaw I could see was that as the work was written thematically it was sometimes difficult to keep track of the order of events. All-in-all this was an interesting book filled wonder and instances that demonstrate how important animals are to the humans that care for them.

This book is available from Camden and Narellan Libraries.


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