July 06, 2010

Can't decide what to read next?

Maybe you're looking for a book on a particular subject or you can't decide what to read next and want some inspiration. Perhaps the kids have a assignment and have been told to read a "crime" book or perhaps you want to dig deeper and read some literary criticim. We have the tools to help!


This great resource allows you to find suggestions for authors based on genre and includes reviews, feature articles and book discussion guides. You can access it (and some other great resources) from our website under literature.

Good Reading Magazine

The library subscribes to this great magazine. New books, old books, meet the author this magazine has it all. Best of all its available to library members online ! Access via the "What to read" tab on our website.

Need books for the kids?

Magpies is a fantastic website that allows you to search for books for kids and young people by subject. Access to this site is only from within the library. If you can't get to our libraries the Department of Education WA has a similar site called CMIS Evaluation it is searchable by topic and age, great for those school assignments or for finding books on sensitive topics at age appropriate levels.


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