May 02, 2009

The Coroner

A new author for the library, M.R. Hall, has written a tale about a newly appointed coroner, Jenny Cooper, who seeks a new start after divorce and a minor nervous breakdown. In reviewing the last few cases dealt with by her predeccessor before his death from a heart attack, Jenny finds some inconsistencies that lead her to suspect a conspiracy to cover up the unlawful deaths of two troubled teenagers. Has Jenny bitten off more than she can deal with as she battles to deal with her own rehabilitation, establish a new relationship with her teenage son and manage a civil conversation with her ex-husband? As she gets closer to the truth, the bad guys up the ante but her determionation to find the truth finds her new allies and the two teens' families find some resolution just as Jenny confronts her own internal demons and deals with her past. An enjoyable, quick read with a welcome light touch of romance for our embattled heroine.

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