October 08, 2013

Review - Rush of Blood by Mark Billingham

Mark Billingham has a very good series featuring Inspector tom Thorne, but this is a stand alone which follows 3 English couples who meet on holiday in Florida. Shortly before they all fly home, a girl goes missing. She isn't found until weeks later and by then they have begun a series of dinners at each of the couples' homes. An inexperienced trainee detective constable is tasked with follow up interviews with the holiday makers and she notes some inconsistencies in their accounts. Then a girl goes missing in England and suddenly a Trans-Atlantic investigation is underway. Billingham does a good job of revealing the personalities and the stresses affecting them. More than one person has opportunity but who has the motive. It culminates in a shocking discovery and a death. A very well constructed thriller and a page turner. I didn't guess it although I was on the right track. Wendy

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