February 01, 2012

Camden Reads Wrap-Up

Well, today is the end of the Camden Reads summer reading program! We've been deluged in entries (I can't even tell you how many, we are still counting them) as kids, young people and adults all got stuck into their books. We're absolutely stoked at how many participated.

The variety of reading too, has been eye-opening. Some have poured over biographies of political figures, while others turned the pages of their favourite pirate-themed adventure novel. Some curled up with a warm romance, others relaxed in their favourite chair with a bristling mystery thriller. No matter the choice, thousands (yes, thousands) of books have been recommended- a list of which we will keep and share over the coming year with you on our blogs, social media, and promo material.

Reading continues to be the most important skill for a good life, and reading for pleasure promotes insightful, imaginative, confident, powerful individuals who in turn create vibrant communities that support one other. (Hey, you probably didn't even care about that, but seeing as it is the purpose of our existence and nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing how you couldn't put down a book, it's worth a mention).

We hope you enjoyed the program! Prizes will be announced in the next few weeks!

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