February 28, 2012

Why You Love Your Library

Why do you love your library? Well, if you were in at Camden or Narellan branches you might have been asked by one of our staff to share your thoughts. We've collated all of the submitted entries into the word cloud above (Click to get a larger view).

Thankyou to all our partcipants!

Why do you love your library?

February 24, 2012

Why We Love Reading Video

Made by Camden Council Library Services by staff and patrons. You like?

February 22, 2012

Arts YARN UP: 50 Must Read Black Books

This booklist is provided through the Australian government and the Australian Council of Arts- a compilation of engaging, well-written novels with Aboriginal themes. Novels available at Camden Library Services have been linked, so click through to place reservations!

Touched By Fire: The Australian experience in Vietnam by Kenny Laughton

Steam Pigs by Melissa Lucashenko

Women of the Sun by Hyllus Maris and Sonia Borg

Sweet Water...Stolen Land by Philip McLaren

The Callused Stick of Wanting by Romain Moreton

Disciplining the Savages: Savaging the Disciplines by Martin Nakata

Story About Feeling by Bill Neidjie

Earth by Bruce Pascoe

Gularabulu by Paddy Roe

Long Time Now by Alf Taylor

Sweet Guy by Jared Thomas

If Everyone Cared by Margaret Tucker

Narrondarie's Wives by David Unaipon

No Options No Choice! by Rosemary van den Berg

Smoke Encrypted Whispers by Samuel Wagan Watson

Wandering Girl by Glenyse Ward

The Kadaitcha Sung by Sam Watson

Unbranded by Herb Wharton

Pemulwuy: The Rainbow Warrior by Eric Willmot

Aliwa by Dallas Winmar

Dreaming in Urban Areas by Lisa Bellear

Funerals and Circuses by Roger Bennett

The Man from the Sunrise Side by Ambrose Mungala Charlarimeri

Bran Nue Dae by Jimmy Chi

Bitin' Back by Vivienne Cleven

Little Bit Long Time by Ali Cobby Eckermann

Busted Out Laughing by Dot Collard

Murri Love by Cathy Craigie

No Sugar by Jack Davis

Whipsers of the Wik Woman by Fiona Doyle

Yoogum Yoogum by Lionel Fogarty

Conversations with the Dead by Richard Frankland

Living Black by Kevin Gilbert

Stories Told By My Grandfather and the Other Old Men by Stan Grant

Stolen by Jane Harrison

Auntie Rita by Jackie Higgins

Me, Antman & Fleabag by Gayle Kennedy

Shadow Lines by Stephen Kinnane

Don't Take Your Love to Town by Dr. Ruby Langford Ginibi

February 20, 2012

Books about Zombies


Zombies are more popular than ever and in honour of this fact we've compiled a short booklist of novels pertaining to your favourite brain eaters available at Camden and Narellan branches. Pop in and grab a few, and you'll be munching in no time!

February 14, 2012

Blind Date with a Book, Anyone?

Have you ever walked into your local library wanting a good read, but not knowing exactly what? Have you ever wanted to read something completely different to your usual favourites, but didn't know how to start? Have you ever asked three questions in a row? Well!

Camden Council Library Services invite you to go on a 'blind date with a book'. Pop into Narellan or Camden branches to find our blind date displays, laden with mystery titles. Just pick the one that takes your fancy, and we'll loan it out to you without delay. There are no hints as to what lies beneath! You'll have to wait until you get home to find out what you've loaned.

Sound like fun? Get into your local branch now!

February 13, 2012

Valentines Volley! Romantic Reads

For something a bit different this week, the booklist below features 10 books with the word 'heart' in them. Why not pick one at random and see how the word is used in the book? (Don't worry, no murder mysteries or anything like that below. The last thing we want is a surprise horror story on the week of Valentine's Day!)

February 10, 2012

Camden Reads Winners

Congratulations to our Camden Reads Winners! For picking up a good book over the summer holidays, you have a bunch of prizes, from movie vouchers and museum passes to books, home decor sets and a Harbour Bridge Climb!






February 01, 2012

Camden Reads Wrap-Up

Well, today is the end of the Camden Reads summer reading program! We've been deluged in entries (I can't even tell you how many, we are still counting them) as kids, young people and adults all got stuck into their books. We're absolutely stoked at how many participated.

The variety of reading too, has been eye-opening. Some have poured over biographies of political figures, while others turned the pages of their favourite pirate-themed adventure novel. Some curled up with a warm romance, others relaxed in their favourite chair with a bristling mystery thriller. No matter the choice, thousands (yes, thousands) of books have been recommended- a list of which we will keep and share over the coming year with you on our blogs, social media, and promo material.

Reading continues to be the most important skill for a good life, and reading for pleasure promotes insightful, imaginative, confident, powerful individuals who in turn create vibrant communities that support one other. (Hey, you probably didn't even care about that, but seeing as it is the purpose of our existence and nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing how you couldn't put down a book, it's worth a mention).

We hope you enjoyed the program! Prizes will be announced in the next few weeks!