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The Reading Tree

Like many of the awe-inspiring marvels of Wonderland, the reading tree is as ancient as it is opinionated. Shunning water and sunlight, the reading tree lives on text alone, drawing its nourishment from the pages of novels, absorbing each phrase, each word. The reading tree is an elusive character in the woods of Wonderland, but many stories abound, that upon greater inspection each individual leaf is laced with the tiniest ink-stained impressions- the remnants of its favourite meals.

If you should come upon the reading tree, than you are lucky indeed! The reading tree cannot be found unless it wishes to be. It demands only one thing of its visitors, that any who set eyes on it find a single leaf from the tree's branches, and with the inky sap that pools in the tree's roots, write the title of their most beloved book on the leaf's surface.

Do you wish to feed the reading tree? Leave your Name, and the title of your favourite book in the comment box at the end of this post. Family recommendations are the reading tree's favourite food, so why not write some down for your children too.

It takes a little time for the reading tree to consume its food, but sure enough, you will see the reading tree absorb your recommendations and display them proudly on its branches.

Hover over each name to find the book recommendation and a link (where possible) to the library catalogue entry.


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