May 04, 2015

Book Review - Kettlebell Training by Steve Cotter

Kettlebell Training contains 95 exercises for strength and weight loss. It is an easy to use guide that will help you set goals and select exercises to create a workout plan or follow the sample programs of sport specific routines such as football, soccer, mixed martial arts or tennis. The book contains step by step instructions with detailed photos.

Author Steve Cotter a Kettlebell expert has trained elite athletes, Navy Seals and U.S Marines.
‘Steve Cotter taught me the basics of Kettlebell lifting at a time I didn’t have any clue about Kettlebells. They have become a staple in my program and my athletes programs ever since’ Sean Skahan-Strength training and conditioning coach, Anaheim Ducks.

I enjoyed incorporating this book with its exercises into my fitness routine, I enjoyed mixing and matching the exercises to suit my training and no doubt have become fitter because of it. Anne

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