April 15, 2014

Book Review - Children of the Revolution by Peter Robinson

Another excellent Inspector Banks story. An ageing loner is found dead after falling from a disused railway bridge. Did he fall or was he assisted to his death? Why did he ring a local celebrity writer, Lady Veronica Chalmers, a week before his death and why did he have £5,000 on him when he clearly was living very poorly? A wide-ranging enquiry leads Alan Banks and his team to the Eastvale College, in the recent past, and the University of Essex in the time of the miners' strikes of the Thatcher years. Peter Robinson is in his usual good form, weaving music, the English class system and philosophy into an intriguing mystery. I only hope he isn't falling into Robert Heinlein's error of having his ageing hero continue to engage romantically with women in their thirties. Wendy

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