November 13, 2013

Book Review - Trust your eyes by Linwood Barclay

This is a terrific read and a refreshingly new take on a detective story. Ray Kilbride has returned home to sort out his father's estate and try to arrange appropriate residential care for his schizophrenic brother, Thomas, who has a fixation with memorizing the street layouts of all major cities. Thomas thinks he is working for Bill Clinton and the CIA, preparing for the time when the world will be totally dependent on his memory for street maps. Thomas comes across a picture of a woman being strangled on a New York street and Ray sets off to find out what happened so he can placate his brother and get him to move forward with resolving his father's legacy. Also in this intensely layered but very readable story are a scheming political fixer, a failed gymnast whose second career is as an assassin for hire, and a family secret that has tormented Thomas's life since he was 13. Thomas is both more and less able then Ray gives him credit for and the brothers face danger together in the thrilling climax to this very different mystery. Wendy

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