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August 31, 2011

Newsletter Shelf - Oh My!

Not everyone has the time to come to the library. Camden libraries are gorgeous, open and distinctive spaces, but that doesn't change the fact that between dropping off the kids, getting the groceries, fixing the roof, or something else, there isn't much time to spare.

At the same time, getting onto the library website and looking through our catalogue is in no way the same thing. If a particular book is wanted, then it works great! But if you're just wanting to have a look at what's new on the shelves, be intigued by the covers and the general feel of the library (i.e. take a deep breath, this is you time!), the library catalogue leaves something to be desired.

Well, let's introduce our online shelves! For the first time today, we inserted a single line of digital shleves directly into our eNewsletter. It's a humble beginning, but we want to increasingly allow people to view our collections and browse them in an automated space. So we've started to roll out linked image maps of shelves with our books (not just the standard picture - we actually took a photo of the book on our shelve and photoshopped them in!). Clicking the book goes straight to our catalogue where you can read more (just like looking at the blurb), and if you want it, reserve it there and then, online, you can (with your library number and password).

Then all you need to do is walk in and then straight out with your top picks.

So what do you think? Is this the direction you would like to see us go into in the future?

Here's the shelf we posted:


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